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Friday, April 18, 2008

A funny way of looking at Fun!

What is Fun? How do you know that you are having real fun and not like one of those dumb cartoons which is forcing to make you laugh, but really you want to roll your eyes and get out of here. Its funny that people has different perception of fun, what is funny and what is not.

I used to know one friend who used to go poor villages and spend one day with little children, playing with them, teaching basic stuffs and helping them out - either monetary or other way. And he used to say that it's fun for him ! Now that makes you think how broad can the defination of "Fun" might be, if you know how much peculiar and different people can be.

Fun is also sense of humor, its a common saying that you loose everything if you loose your sense of humor! I believe that I am having fun with whatever i am doing, as long as i am with people I love - i care about. Now that's not actually the well-known definition of Fun, but i can live with this definition. So this angle of vision is also kinda fun - isn't it?