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Sunday, February 17, 2013

A little criticism about Homecoming!

Let me clarify that title first! This is not a post about the tradition of welcoming back alumni of a school, the title can be misleading. This is about experience of an outsider who went home recently and realized he belonged there, except the situations their friends and family create for him, not that its a complaint letter, because love and affection can sometimes be overbearing. This is such a story. If you are not bored, read on.

I realized that family,extended family and friends get really concerened that I am not really eating much even though my height and width betray that confidence to the extent! I also realized that number of calories I will be gaining is exponentially proportional to either the number of visit I make to different home or number of time I have to eat in the same home. Since neither really is helping me, i better go out and try to loose some calories in between visits!

I also realized that either the sentimental nature of our family has increased (maybe axiomatically?) since last time or they are really weak at math and biology : the understanding of the simple fact that human stomach has a finite capcity and its not really extensible in nature. The first show of protest/request/begging that I show (while astronomical amount of edible objects are being planned to deliver thru my digestive system) are tackled with objection, strong emotions such as sorrow, rage, dissapointment and pointing out the universally known fact (!) at my age, they use to digest an entire chicken/goat/fish etc. etc. etc. Eventually tear duct will overflow and torned between these emotions and my bowl's capacity, I had to sacrifice the 2nd. Effect: Restroom is the best place to stay forever!

I could have written more, but nature's call comes first. Au Revoir!

Home's where peace is...

Home. Late night parties. Cheering with glasses. With a few empty glasses kept for missing friends. Waking up seeing the Sun at Midtown! A clueless walk near the lakes. Chatting up with an old friend. Eating all kinds of tasty junk foods, funky laxatives. Eating sweets. Lots of sweets! Driving in a chaotic but peaceful road. Driving aimlessly. Maybe a morning walk. Maybe not. Probably not! Lots of options. Lot of peace. Mostly pieces of peace.

Home's where peace is. Home's where I want to be. Home's where I will be. For a while.