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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Are you a Geek? Here's ur fav kind of April Fool's Day coming!

Since you are reading this, even after viewing the subject line, i can only assume that you love pulling ur friend's ;eg in a geeky way! So, welcome! Join the club! Here's a lot of tip/tricks for you on april fool's day, just use whatever is suitable for you. And most importantly, don't show this to your would be victim before you fool 'em! Let the fun begins. Check out this awesome article at

Make sure you vote for the craziest geeky prank and add something, if you have anything in your weird mind. Don't forget to tell me - i might wanna use it on you!


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Some Longggggg words - will you even try to pronounce?

Got this on the net, don't know who's the author - so don't sue me with copyright violation!

"I got this from a top 10 book of 2002 It's at school so I can't get the exact meaning and all of them for now but here's the longest word not name it said: :-) Ornicopytheobibliopsychocrystarroscioaerogenethliometeoroaustrohieroanothropoichthyopyrosider- ochpnomyoalectryoophiobotanopegohydrorhabdocrithoaleuroalphitohalomolybdoclerobeloaxinocoscino- dactyliogeolithonpessopsephrocatoptrotephraoneirochoonychodactyloarithstichooxogeloscogastro- gyrocerobletonooenoscapulinaniac Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis comes in at 5 if I remember right tied with supercala..... don't know how to spell it.

Then names I was stunned at these names, I took the really weird ones not all of them:

1.) (This one was split up for some reason.)

Krung thep mahankhan bovern mahihtharayutthaya mahadilok pop noparatratchathani burirom udomratchanivetmasathan amornpiman avatarnsathit sakkathattiyavisnukarmprasit

This is a poetic name of Bangkok, Thailand I believe.

2.) Taumatawhakatangihangakoauaubtamateaturipukakapikimanungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahn

Maori hill in New Zealand

3.) Gorsafawddqchaidraigddanheddogleddollonpenrhynareurdreathceredigion

Fairbourne steam railway, Gwyneed, North Wales.

4.) Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrndrobwllllanstysiliogogogoch

Place named for the length of it's tickets by Gwynedd.

6.) Chargoggagoggmanchaugagoggchaubunagangamang

A lake near Webster, Massachusetts a Asian name."

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sense - what's the big deal?

Human Sense is still a mystery, there are lot of researches going on to find out how exactly the brain works, how we perceive different information, how our brain interpret different information, which might vary from people to people, from time to time for the same people. On my way to become a good Netizen, i found this wonderful test. Just try to score more than 12, you will know that at least you are going somewhere!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

To Utopia and Back...

I was just browsing through the Blog, when I happened to chance upon the word “Utopia” and found it to be the main theme set by my fellow Blogger. So, mostly out of enthusiasm to share my weird experience in this Blogspace, and somewhat out of curiosity for this interesting nomenclature of the Blog, I decided to put pen to paper, or for that matter, fingers to keyboard – whichever way you may like it.

It happened so, that last month or last week (again it’s your choice – whatever you like – both will take you to February), I received an invitation to spend a week in Utopia itself. The invitation was even more delightful because the invitation-card was signed by the Bearded Man Himself. It seems that ever since some inconspicuous writer called Dan Brown had tried to tarnish His character by bringing His love life into disrepute, He has been trying to maintain His public-relations well. Hence the invitation to insignificant earthlings.

Anyways, I was too overjoyed to receive it and my joy knew no bounds when the gates to Utopia came into view. Needless to say that I was not overjoyed to see the gates, but the two heavenly creatures who were flanking the gates, waiting to welcome into their kingdom, none other than me. To make it short, they were flawless. As they swayed their bodies in a sequence of practiced seductive moves in ushering me within the city gates, I could only imagine the week that lay ahead. Whatever it was, I was not one to complain.
Among other things, especially if you can concentrate on the environment rather than the Utopians, you will notice that Utopia is green with a capital G and that everybody is dressed in white. So, after changing into the customary white uniform, I gave myself up to the pleasures of Utopia.

To cut a long story short and for the benefit of the readers who could not stop imagining Utopians, I will not furnish any of the other mouth-watering details. It would suffice to say that at the end of the week I was least interested in leaving the place.
Yet as all good things eventually come to an end, my seven days in heaven also came to an end, and the customary time for feedback came (Yes they have it in Utopia as well). As I stood there ruing my chances, in front of the wise elderly man, he gave me a choice. It seemed that I had displayed impeccable behavior in Utopia (if gawking at female Utopians can be classified as impeccable behavior) and as recognition I could become its permanent member. As I was left thinking whether this really was happening to me and was trying to find the catch somewhere, the same way I try to find it in Credit Card offers in more familiar surroundings, the man came up with a condition. The following lines spell out his condition exactly as he said it:

Condition: “… The dynamics behind the happiness that you see all around you stems from a single rule. If you follow it, any place can be a Utopia. Needless to say, if you wish to stay back you will have to abide by the rule. The rule is simple: It is something like ‘Anything and Everything in Utopia is in share-mode’. Only then can you achieve the abundance and happiness that you see all around …”

As he continued to explain this so called simple rule, I slowly realized the full impact of his words. In ideal Utopian conditions there can be nothing that you can call your own, no wealth, no bank accounts, no fame, no power, not even the people you love. Because, according to him, it is this possessiveness that breeds greed and hatred.

But then where is the thin line between sharing everything and forsaking everything? I couldn’t have cared less. By then I was absolutely pissed off. The man’s reasoning, his logic, in fact now that I thought of it, everything about him sucked. I so wanted to leave the wretched place. Suddenly I wanted everything that I could possibly call my own.

Utopia was good for a vacation.
But I am not ready to be an Utopist. Not yet.
Ps: Somehow I don’t remember how I reached Utopia. I guess they have erased that part of my memory.

Sunday, March 4, 2007


What would you rather be, if you can go back to your childhood, when you were just six years old? Spaceman Spiff - Interplanetary explorer worldwide, or Stupendous Man or a giant T.Rex? or Calvin? I know the answer. You'd want to be Calvin, only then you can also be the things mentioned above as your alter ego!

Back in 1985, when Bill Watterson started writing this comic strip, everyone probably thought it'll be just another stereotype comic strip like the others, where you'll laugh your brains out and forget all about it. Well, the best thing about Calvin and Hobbes is probably the degree of maturity and wit required by its readers to digest it's true meaning. Though Calvin is only six, do you think all the jokes can be understood by an
average six year old? I even find a lot of grown-ups stumble in understanding some of the portions. The maturity level of this comic strip declares the unanimous challenge - "Are you brilliant enough to understand the brilliance of Calvin & Hobbes?"

Though a brilliant and thought provoking kid, Calvin finds it really difficult when it comes to Math, like most school kids. He usually hates kids and school and the education system in general ("Why waste time learning, when ignorance is spontaneous?") Through Calvin, Watterson has depicted a wide range of opinions in socio-political, psychological topics, even sensitive topics like education ("I don;t need to study! I don't need to learn!") and environment ("Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us."). Calvin's hatred for education & the apparent bluntness of the education system reminds me of Pink Floyd's view on wrong education ("We don't need no education, We don't need no thought control"). But in the end it's Calvin's
mischief mongering is all that matters! It’s from the little guy that I've learned so many ways to crack a joke on someone!

What about Calvinosophy - the peculiar philosophy of Calvin on different topics? Yes, i am talking about the kid who can easily say ""Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words."! An hour or two of free time, one cup of coffee with one of Calvin's favorite snacks (cookie!) and a twisted weird mind of
his might help me jot down the philosophy in my own word. Let's see.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Just another weekend around the corner.

Hi Mr. (or Miss/Mrs/Master , whatever salutation it is!) another humble-blog-reader-of-my-another-humdrum-life-descripting-blog!

It's Friday, that means after a long and tiresome week, we are finally getting a weekend to spare some time without thinking about work or anything as such. Since I'm not particularly fond of writing my day-to-day experience in chronological order, or obviously you will be bored and bored and bored while reading that blog, so i have decided that i would do the same thing to bore you; because my blog is new, so the main audience of this blog will be my friends who might pay a visit here, after receiving so many life-threatening requests from me! So being a kick-ass, I would definitely want to pull their leg by writing all boring blogs like this.

In case you don't go away after reading so far, you might wonder what the fuss is all about - this blog - this bullshitting in an apparent utopian ambience like this. After mastering the art of writing absolute crap (i took quite a long time achieving this; almost 4 years !), i just want a post in my blog where i can write absolute bullshit in a sarcastic way - that's the main purpose of this post.

As i was sayin', it's weekend and I am home from office -- had a nice hot cup of coffee, my mom is preparing Khichuri (loosely translated, Gruel) - i am listening to my fav music and have a Calvin and Hobbes book with me to read - it's seems like true heaven is a place on earth!

Stay beautiful!