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Friday, March 2, 2007

Just another weekend around the corner.

Hi Mr. (or Miss/Mrs/Master , whatever salutation it is!) another humble-blog-reader-of-my-another-humdrum-life-descripting-blog!

It's Friday, that means after a long and tiresome week, we are finally getting a weekend to spare some time without thinking about work or anything as such. Since I'm not particularly fond of writing my day-to-day experience in chronological order, or obviously you will be bored and bored and bored while reading that blog, so i have decided that i would do the same thing to bore you; because my blog is new, so the main audience of this blog will be my friends who might pay a visit here, after receiving so many life-threatening requests from me! So being a kick-ass, I would definitely want to pull their leg by writing all boring blogs like this.

In case you don't go away after reading so far, you might wonder what the fuss is all about - this blog - this bullshitting in an apparent utopian ambience like this. After mastering the art of writing absolute crap (i took quite a long time achieving this; almost 4 years !), i just want a post in my blog where i can write absolute bullshit in a sarcastic way - that's the main purpose of this post.

As i was sayin', it's weekend and I am home from office -- had a nice hot cup of coffee, my mom is preparing Khichuri (loosely translated, Gruel) - i am listening to my fav music and have a Calvin and Hobbes book with me to read - it's seems like true heaven is a place on earth!

Stay beautiful!

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