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Saturday, November 1, 2008

An abstract Labyrinth called Friendship

Friends are like Wine, the older the relationship, the better.
Friends are like Lipstick, the formality is easy to wear off.
Friends are only human, they can sometime falter.
Friends are pain in some places, always ready to piss you off!

Friends are like piece of your mind, wavelength's has to match,
Friends are like a Shrink, will surelly know when you itch.
Friendship is like a huge door without a latch, 
Friends are always ready to be the irritating bitch!

Friendship is like an ocean, the vastness is not comprehensible at once,
Friends are always couple of cups of coffee away from you,
Friends are nature's way of keeping you away from dunce,
Friendhip should be like a shirt; torned ones are easy to sew.

Thanks for being my friend in good and bad days,
Nothing i say can show you how greatful i'm,
So let's do the simple thing instead that says,
"let's continue to have some jagged memories in tandem".

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