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Friday, December 10, 2010

A lonely life!!

Hi there people....i hope that you all still remember me as one of the members of this blog because I have really forgotten when did I post last.Well, I am at Mumbai at present doing something...umm.....something important and worth the salary I get at the end of the month I guess.But life is too tremendously lonely,i laugh,I cry , I be happy sometimes with no one to care for or give me a look.I miss my home, the warmth of my parents' care and love( I am the younger child and have had all those not so necessary priviledges).I miss my naughty nephew and my dear li'l niece missing her growing years(wail!!). And I miss my home environment, my room, my bed, my PC, my mirror...God!, the list is long and I miss every other li'l thing. My mom's home cooked food-God, it was such a treat.Here people are so different, the entire culture just knows how to run be it trains or their jobs.The environment is very competitive, but the work culture is damn robust.People work at the speed of light and enjoy office like hell.They even celebrate all their festivals at office....diwali,navratri( I danced with my boss at the dandiya,imagine!!).People here are warm otherwise, though they push a lot on trains,they are damn crowded and I consider myself lucky if I get a foot on the footboard).The culture here is quite cosmo,people are free to adapt to any situation and they travel on trains right after the day of the bolmb blast.....The spirit is indomitable!!...and the young crowd is hep!!....HEY,one minute have I started to say that I like Mumbai??....Oh , God am sooooo confused....sumtimes I miss home but at other times I feel like swaying myself in the true spirit of Mumbai!!

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