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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

AND I CALLED HER A FRIEND……(by mistake??)

Its usually said that people remember their school life forever….those are the best days in a man’s life.Well,I do remember those years of growing up…..albeit for all the wrong reasons.Be it for some tyrant personalities or for being lonely among the crowd of thousands of people dressed in similar fashion,school days literally haunt(and taunt) me till date.
Well,it was on one such days that I found a girl…..a friend.To say it without boasting,I enjoyed being at my best in academics at school.I enjoyed the lonely position a step ahead of others in class.My friend was close behind but could never be at par…..she cringed at every mistake she made that widened the gap between us.I silently(and sometimes not so silently) expressed a deep satisfaction at every such point in school.
However destiny had things planned otherwise.Like the bse stock market my slide from the top had to happen sooner or later.And the inevitable happened sooner than I expected.I slipped once and my friend never allowed her opportunity to slip.With amazing determination and focus,she moved forward and with surprising laziness I never tried to stop my downfall.Well,the gap between us widened again,but this time our positions had changed.
What changed everything for me was that this time the gap created a void between our emotional bond……a space which has drifted us apart for ever.Was it she who avoided me or was it me who did’nt want to face her?Well,I am certain it was me.Wonder why?Aha,that’s easy to tell.After school I completely lost all ties with her(why do I say after school?).But she made sure that I come to know whatever she achieves in life.She boasted,her family was no less!I ducked her phone calls-she came to my house!She made sure that I know every step that she takes in her indomitable pursuit of success that she began so many years back,leaving me behind.
I wonder does she do all this purposely,only to make me feel the lows that I made her feel?? Had she not got her revenge,yet?I lament that these actions of her has soured our relationship to an unimaginable extent.Well,you might wonder why I am complaining,why am I so bitter about something that I inwardly know is my due…..well because of the fact that she makes me suffer the same way that she perhaps had many years back….I am no one to judge her but then why is she so hypocritical by calling us friends.What sort of a friend would do these things and keep repeating such things??C’mon she can tell me face on-I am not afraid….bring it on.And then maybe someday in future I will happily delete this post from my blog!

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