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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Poem: Still life goes on...

In every human life,
There are some moments when one is sad and depressed.
Frustrated from every zone of life.
And feel like leaving everything and going away.
Still life goes on.
Some memories in which
one is wrapped with tension,
One wants to get out of here,
and fly high in the sky.
But can't run away, and still life goes on.

Some moments in which
the loved one hurts other's sentiment,
One needs a support, a shoulder to cry on,
But doesn't find one, and still life goes on.

Some moments in which one gets life,
or so intensely hurt that one wants to die,
One wishes to end their life
At that very moment, but still life goes on.

And in each life there will be one day,
when there is a deadlock,
And then the people cry,
and try to show that they are concerned.
Then the questions arise,
Are they going to wait for one's death,
To care, to understand the one.
If so, then wait till death but until then,
Life goes on.

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