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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Poem: Amalkanti by Nirendranath Chakraborty :

Amalkanti is my friend,
We did our schooling together.
He used be a regular latecomer in class, not good in study,
when asked about some word-meaning,
he used to be looking at the window, dumbfounded.
Then we felt really bad.

Some wanted to be master, some doctor, some lawyer.
Amalkanti didn't want any of that.
He wanted to be the sun-beam.
The shy sun-beam of rainwashed, crow-drenched afternoon,
Which sticks around the leaves of rose-apple like a chuckle.

Now some of us are master or doctor or lawyer.
Amalkanti couldn't be the sun-beam.
He is working in a dark press.
Sometime he comes to see me,
We drink tea, chit-chat for a while and when he says "I have to go."
I give him send-off until the front-door.

Among us who is the Master,
He would've been the doctor,
Who wanted to be the Doctor,
It wouldn't harm anyway if he was a lawyer.
Still everyone got their wish fulfilled, except Amalkanti.
He couldn't become the sun-beam.
That Amalkanti, who used to think about sun-beam,
and one day wanted to BECOME the sun-beam.

This is one of my fav poem of all time - somehow the concept was really intriguing to me, we want to be a lot of things, but probably nobody wanted to be sunbeam!

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anshula said...

awesome poem .....must wrte its explanation...for academic use....