Around Zion - a lonely cyclist


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The contrasting duo - Love and life.

Life is a road, nothing you do can block the passage of time.
Life is a journey, though we are confused about the destination.
Love is euphoria, a reason to be missed by the loved ones.
Love is nostalgia, memory remains even if it is not there.

Life is a feeling, sometimes ecstatic, mostly dystopia.
Life is a waterfall, only static and mortal.
Love is a disobedient criminal, waiting for his capital punishment.
Love is like euphemism, only there is nothing called vice-versa.

Life is full of love, only if you are intelligent enough to choose it.
Life is a garden of hope if you don't know the meaning of expectation.
Love is a paranoia, a music for sensual instrument.
Love is life's own way of preserving memories.

Life and Love are two side of the river.
Love is the screen behind the mirror of life.
Life is the epitome of the abstraction of the observable universe,
Love is just our Milky Way within it.

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