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Friday, January 18, 2008

Late realization...

Dawn's darkness is the start, i always like to see the twilight,
Shadow the day is the source of energy transformed into daylight.
Illusion is psychosomatic equivalence of a mirage,
Life is fun; as long as you know the difference between home and garage.

I love being philosophical, but sometimes it's just not right,
As i walk into outside to see the moonlight,
I realize why we love being sad, being unjust,
The feeling of discontent is stronger than human lust.

Happiness gives the need of euphoria, so to speak,
Love gives the meaning to life, so you have someone to pick,
everybody has somebody, and yet nobody owes anybody anything,
Morning dew is the best thing to show you the excitement of tingling!

Life is not just some colorful orientation film for a new class,
It's every moment is utopia, if you have the right sunglass.
Its fun having fun, i am just here to cash in,
Let's start leaving life without having to lean.

Late realization is better than nothing at all....

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