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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A rhetorical piece of promise for another new year...

Finally, the end of another mundane year and the beginning of the next. Another year without my most favorite ppl on the earth, another year with almost nothing to be thankful for. Still optimism is something I always strives for, so i am happy with whatever life has given me this year, whatever fun & enjoyment I got. Another year with immense progress of science, we almost have invented computers that can think like human being, probbaly the only thing in which people will be better than computers is irrational & erratic behavior, unless, of course they invent a psychotic computer! We really feel like driven by technology, so if you are unable to ride a swing, the first thing you look for is a manual override! With all kidding aside, I can honestly say that i'm learning a lot - the only skills I have the patience to learn are those which have no real application in life. Story of my life, it is.

There are some things I'm grateful for, one development that i am thankful for(so far), so the year wasn't that all bad. Hope I'll be able to be these confident the next year also.

Another new year, a new set of rules, new optimism, new friends, new form of laziness, new life. This year will also pass & I'll be come up with another set of resolution. Wish you all a lazy & surreal new year!

Until the next draft.....

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sananda said...

I had really wanted the last year to pass......for it has given me endless wait...wait for eventual bad results in exams(results to be out in Jan).In the meanwhile a laziness has creeped in....and that too an overwhelming one.I need to get over it fast.I have also learned much from my failings and now look forward to a New Beginning.When I sit down to brood over all these,I receive your post and it makes me realise that it is not only me who has had a mixed year.A very Happy New Year to all those out there!