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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


We wait each day for a new beginning……a new ambition,a new motivation.From the very early childhood,I often used to daydream.About what,you could ask.Well,from seeing myself scaling the heights of Mt. Everest to speaking to the ETs,from flying a fighter aircraft to winning the Maths olympiad!(well,I now think the first 3 were still weird to say the least.......but winning a maths olympiad,wow that was sure some guts to even dream of.......I am eternally terrified of that subject!).I did not notice when I had started to pen down all these in my notes.........its fun to read all of them...the greatest days of my childhood,the fondest and saddest memories of school and college,the times when our family came together to celebrate.....I had shared all those with me for more than 12 years now.
As a person,people around me say that I come across as ambitious,too serious and very down to earth(Wow...I must say I have hidden my dreamy part of me well).Okay,enough of self-praise(actually I am my personal favourite......a narcissist you would say).I consider myself sometimes stubborn,at other times impatient-I often fail to judje the implications of a rash action.As far as my beliefs go,I am an outright feminist,a believer in hard work and compassion.I am also a strong believer in the powers of the Almighty.My hero?The legendary Mrs.Indira Gandhi-an outstanding example of equal passion towards work and family-the truly balanced woman.Much ahead of her times.I consider her as Mentor.However,much nearer to home,I consider my mother a great tutor of life-I have learnt a thousand different things from her,in every aspect in life.Her never tiring energy in pursuing the best that life has to offer......her care for the family.....her selfless nature-i consider it all super-human.
I have often been eluded by targets and struggled in the pursuit of it....but suddenly when I hav achieved it all,I had failed to cherish it.I don't know why.But still I do not give in-u could call me obsessed.....but I will say I enjoy life like this and I try not to give in to its tests.I live life entirely on my own terms-cherishing my freedom and sqeezing out as much as I can.
But today I am here to for a special reason-to follow up my childhood passion of writing(writing anything I want for giving expression to my inner self.......n sometimes also writing nonsense in the process).I look forward to a very BEAUTIFUL BEGINNING of a new chapter in my life and a long lasting relationship with ZION-THE UTOPIAN WORLD AROUND US.

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Nilashis Chatterjee said...

welcome Romi - a good start -- i am nt even start to comment on ur blogs u put up so far - 'cos they speak for itself, but one thing is for sure - if the purpose of writing is to speaking ur mind of thinking out loud - u hv started a good job! keep it up buddy!