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Saturday, December 8, 2007

The waiting has began...

When you really like something , when you are doing really something interesting, it does not matter how long are you stuck, you would want to finish the work. Interest is all that matters, as if it is directlyproportional to the no of hours spent on a particular thing, be inanimate object or the opposite! I love technical work, but checkingof the alignment of data and formatting it in a 1000 row excel sheets what drives me crazy – I feel like let's make a day and kill someone so that I get to enjoy the freedom (irony of the day would that be, though!). Today when I look back at the days I had in my not-so-important-at all life so far, I feel like Calvin - "Why isn't my life like a situation comedy? Why don't I have a bunch of friends with nothing better to do but drop by and instigate wacky adventures? Why aren't my conversations peppered with spontaneous witticisms? Why don't my friends demonstrate heartfelt concern for my well being when I have problems? ...I gotta get my life some writers."
Its finally Friday and that means two more days to spend doing all the nothings I've always wanted. Spending weekend is only fun when you don't plan and spend it, you will feel like there is a lot of things you could have done but end up not doing anything at all, and still its like doing a lot, because deep inside you know the moment Monday morning comes, if have to go someplace, either an institution or the next worse thing (job) and you will end up doing some work; somethingf or somebody else and somebody else makes you do that is not going to make any difference to anybody if you don't do it. Sounds like philosophy of spoonerism, but it's the common real life hard-fact truth!
It finally weekend, and its going to snow soon, and i just found out that its already started, so euphoria is something i can vividly describe, but its not complete - I am not satisfied, because i am missing some people who are close to my heart.

"While the days slipped by from my window watching,
because the things you say and the things you do surround me,
while you were hanging yourself on someone elses words,
dying to believe in what you heard,
I was staring straight into the shining sun

Lost in thought and lost in time
While the seeds of live and the seeds of change were planted

I took a heavenly ride trough our silence
I knew the waiting had begin
And headed straight... into the shining sun." - Coming back to life, Pink Floyd

The waiting has began...

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