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Sunday, December 23, 2007

One more Christmas with no gifts to ask for...

Its Christmas time , though I am not really a religious person and I
know Santa Clause is not real (so I don't have to pretend to be good
so that I get some present!), but still Christmas is a happy season
for me. Mostly because we have long weekends and I LOVE long weekends
– four days to spend at home, doing nothing – relaxing – life can
never be more interesting than this! You know, with a traditional
weekend of two days, I am enthralled on Saturday and sat evening is
the best period of my life, knowing that tomorrow I don't have to get
up early! Then Sunday comes and I can do all the nothings I wanted,
but deep inside I know soon it will be evening and that means the time
is almost up. But with a long weekend, I don't have to be mourn for
that – I know I can mourn at the fourth day ! I know this is very
simple thing and you probably thinking "what's the point of writing
this one?" , but again only a blind man can understand another's pain!

This morning I had a wonderful dream. I was dreaming that I am in
countryside (should have been somewhere nearby) and all the roads, the
valley, the trees are covered with snow. It's looking fantabulous and
there's no one but me in sight. I faced with a dilemma between skiing
and sledding (actually it was not actually a dilemma at all, 'cos I
never tried any of them!)

Christmas is the best for one more reason – Its not one long weekend,
its two! Oh My God! Can anything BE much better than this? Christmas
is time of happiness, I know for some people happiness is just a
snowflake in the peak of winter season, but again its angle of vision
is all that matters how you differentiate a wonderful day with its
monotonous counterpart! The next best thing is new year and so its
time for new year resolution. I always take this resolution thing
pretty seriously, sometimes I even decide to make same no of
self-improving resolution as the year we are in, this way I already
have one less resolution to come with!

Wish you all a merry Christmas, for me its again one more Christmas to no gifts to ask for...

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sananda said...

yes christmas is truly a time for celebrations..a celebration for life and its enormous gifts!the gift of love,peace and happiness.The winter snow and santa's reindeer are all synonymous with the season(and hey,i do believe they are for real) and i love those chrismas favourite .....'there was a day in Bethlehem'.wishing all a merry christmas.