Around Zion - a lonely cyclist


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Just another dystopic verse ?

The year is almost over now, just a few days to go,
The promise is almost wore out now, with nothing left to show.
I am looking at the perfect sunshine now,
Feeling like deja vu, another set of vow.

Children are dying all over the world,
Stories of war, lie, crime and insanity are the topics not too old.
Life is too cheap and ambiguous for us,
Hell is just another place for a time-pass.

I think dystopia is too costly right here,
When no one even care to shed a tear.
Its time to start nurturing, start deciding our fate,
who knows, tomorrow might be too late?

Its time for the new year resolution for me,
touch the heart of another nihilist to be.
Love unconditionally, and xenophobia is too much to take,
Its a new start, its a new horizon, just I need to learn not to fake.

From now on, i will count the dots in my own way, indeed.

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