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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Resuming the social (or blogological) duties - Take One.

I will make a difference from now on. I will actually, finally, at last do what most people do – what the blog was all about – a web log – so to speak. Because I am too lazy to write something on hard paper? No. I do – just they are not public – not yet. But it is not only because I would love to read this crap after 5 years (I am optimistic about life and pessimistic about it’s counterpart-as you might notice!), it is also because It would give me some thinks to ponder upon, some idea to materialize while I listen to some pleasant music and have a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows on top! Boy ! Isn’t life just dull without the toppings (in each aspect)? Today is just a starter – its just the beginning. From now onwards I will bore you with the common mundane things of my life – our life, because without that I can’t spread the bad mood and as Calvin says; “Nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around!” Enough intro – lets get down to business.

Today was just another day – so far. Mundane things at work, meeting, configuration, blaming, helping, stuff like that. Nothing special, nothing bad also. I walked from home to office – it was a nice cold and rainy morning – you would enjoy if you don’t have a heavy bag at your disposal! But again, if you don’t tire out, what’s the fun of walking ? Then in the evening when its time to do a bungy-jumping to home (and not to New Zealand), the road was covered with fog, like the morning’s rain was vaporizing; as inappropriate the comparison might sound, it was really breathtaking, I can assure you. Got enough spare time here, so finally I could resume my once-fav pastime of book-music-movies trio (I am just kidding – music was never out of the picture), I have become a member of the local library –they have awesome collections of book and DVDs also – though I am running out of DVDs more and more but still – its really worthwhile to occupy me whenever I feel, you know, depressed. There was one more thing which is to cheer me up – ice cream, but I haven’t tried that since I came here and yet I am surprisingly upbeat!

You know what’s really bug me? Calls late at night and they are not personal call at all. And yet the cruel irony is when the going gets tough – the tough gets going and if you really know me – the defense is the best offense for me because I am a vegetarian when it comes to hurting people, specially the ones I love. And now I am in my room – listening to Scorpion’s “Wind of Change” and thinking about the cruel irony – “is it really going to change at all? Where is the GOD who I don’t believe, give me some sign of snow – don’t you know its end of November? Am I really going to use the ice from the freezer to start a real good snowball flight? But to think about it, all the people who would really care about the snowball fight are so far away that the ball would melt before it reaches them – 1000 times !

Yet, I am surprisingly upbeat – you know why? I would be getting a laptop soon – bought (that is not technically correct, because the friend who paid for me – I am yet to pay him) and I am hoping it wouldn’t get lost in the morning traffic of New York City to Long Island! How small and mundane things to feel happy about it, isn’t it? But when you are homesick and you have alternative pleasant and rough day at your life and you know you have to smile because the worst is yet to come – paranoia is worse than feeling happy about minor composure. And see , they are making Dosa! I guess I will see you around in the blogosphere, maybe tomorrow, maybe not.

Aren’t you bored yet?

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