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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Contingency plan for this life...

Lets face it - life is a cruel, cynical joke in which we all get insulted in a humorous way. So it will not hurt to say that life has indeed a great sense of humor - its just that its dark humor, its black humor, its a dry sarcastic one which some people will not appreciate at all. Consider the facts for a while and you will know i am not being sarcastic here at all, most of us will always feel that life is not treating us well - grass is always greener on the other side. If you have money, you can buy anything but you can't buy satisfaction, unless you consider a big house, a Porsche and a huge bank balance even after these two is satisfaction, in which case there's no point reading this crap (which is crap anyway!) beyond this snippet!

Well said Fred! So what now? Where are we? Lets revise the plan "B" - the Contingency plan for this f#$@d up life, where everyone gets to do whatever they really want, not what they pretend they want. Pretending goes well with laxatives, unless you already proved to be a universally accepted fully certified unambiguous moron, in which case pretending is an allegorical euphemism for real commitment problem in every aspect of life. In our normal life we come across lots of such morons who only exists to complicate your life further. Big deal? In plan "B", lets eradicate them, not by actually killing them, bu overpowering themselves by making yourself a bigger moron! Everybody can be a pain in the rear end, its just need a erratic mind with a bizarre angle of vision. In our normal life we get hurt from the people we love. In plan "B", lets make sure that we choose people who will get hurt (i didn't mean physically!) while trying to hurt you. And if you choose the wonderful policy of "ignore the insults, remember the compliments", true heaven is indeed a place on earth.

And do u know what is the biggest plan ? Lazying, Procrastinating, bullshitting, laughing, living ur life to the fullest without worrying much about the contingency plan, if you are happy with the way you are, every plan is worth to have it. Let's forget planning and start living, shall we?

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