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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hapazard thoughts coming from a tired mind.

I came back from office and find myself locked out outside - our apt key seems to be tired of working and thought of taking a "kitkat" break for an hour. So i was waiting outside - i was sitting in the staircase and was thinking about the bitch called life - my 25 year's funky life so far. Tired mind is a wonderful nest of bullshit thoughts and my not-so-young mind is certainly not an exception! Suddenly i wanted to compare my current life with the life back home - what would i have done if i locked myself outside like this and i knew that what exactly i could have done, at least 3 friends of mine in the neighborhood would have assumed what can be the result.

Its the sweet cool breeze of the lakes near my folk's place is what came to my mind - don't know why but suddenly i wished i was there, wondering around the entire neighborhood as i used to do. I wanted to take a break from this life for a moment and just thought of sitting in the school ground in my locality with a Bacardi breezer in hand, it seems that happiness can sometimes very very cheap, provided you have the capability to lower your expectations to the point which has already been satisfied!

i know what i need. i need a good night's sleep. But is that all? Maybe, Maybe not.

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