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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Two and a quarter men!

Hello uncles and aunties!
I am a total SOB so Nils mah man has called me to counter all the goodness that he's tryin to spread via this blog of his. I can't really be his counterweight coz he weighs 30 kilos more then moi, but our brains weigh roughly the same! So without holding your breaths, do not wait for 'anythin spectacula', it ain't gonna come from me! I'll just try to be a very bad comic relief.

Now a bit self promotion:
my own blog
my orkut profile
And to make it a bit less self centred,
Nils da man's orkut profile

Cheers and Stay Sexy! ;-)

1 comment:

Nilashis Chatterjee said...

thanks dude for spoiling the serious nature of the blog -- actually i was thinking of spoiling by myself, but i guess you have taken that control now! Stay Spoiled!