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Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Little Euphoria!

What’s the meaning of life? A neurologist is there to analyze the brain, but is there any “Lifologist” to ask? Everybody seeks happiness, but believe me – I’m not one of them. Happiness is not enough for me, it’s not what I want, I demand euphoria!

How am I going to get euphoria? Some says drugs like heroin, marijuana etc. brings that heavenly feeling. But I hate drugs! So obviously that’s not how I’m going to achieve it. Some says alcohol is the key. Well, there you go – I don’t hate it. In fact, it’s a de-facto standard for me when it comes to little enjoyment. But the amount of alcohol needed for “Euphoric divine” is beyond my jurisdiction! So I’m back to square one.

Man! Do you think I’m crazy? Do you feel I’m little bit psychic? Or I’m hallucinating and instead of doing things, I’m writing them? Well my dear friend, don’t worry. This is 100% of me in normal shape; it’s just that I need some euphoria! When it comes to philosophy, I know what I’m talking about, ‘cos I never studied that damn thing anywhere. So my thoughts will not be of bookish knowledge, but let’s face it, nothing but reality. Now how do you define reality? It’s a psychological equivalence of a psychedelic mind, distorted with euphoric experience of an ideal world! So my friend, welcome to the real world, it sucks! You gonna love it. Although right now I don’t, ‘cos I told you already, all I care about is euphoria, at least for the time being.

Coming back to the question, “How am I going to achieve euphoria?” If I’m to achieve that “Rhythm Divine” (not the song of Iglesias, but euphoria I’m talking about!), if I’m to achieve that heavenly feeling, if I’m to gather that in some sole possession, I have to do something thrilling or something big. I can try to buy a gold mine, which would be equivalent to doing something big (where I’m going to get that much of money is totally different discussions obviously!). Again I can visit Amazon and other exotic, almost unexplored rain forests around the world, which would be doing something thrilling (again whether I’ll be able to come back alive would be a matter of evening discussion over a pint of vodka!), but I’m confused already – Are those experiences at all considered as Euphoria?

Euphoria can be medically metaphorized as finding Venice treacle – it’s a grotesque chimera – a fantasy, whatever you wanna call it. Metaphor was always a huge tool for expressing the feeling of your mind (or soul, whatever), but there is no way we can metaphorize euphoria directly, since we don’t have an experience to use. But my way of achieving this feeling is speaking absolute bullshit, just like I’m doing right now! So, it’s a lousy way achieving euphoria, but yet an effective way. So, tell me my friend, what’s your way?

Nov, 2006

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Anonymous said...

Alcochol is a drug too...