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Sunday, February 18, 2007

POEM : Stillness of Silence

Listen to the silence,
Free your mind.
Wake me up,
Take me to the wind.

Silence is the best loudness,
Feel the unknown.
Do you ever wonder
Why death makes you mourn?

Watch the unthinkable,
Stillness of Silence.
Solve the paradox,
Try to make some sense.

Take me in your arm,
Show me that you care.
Throw me in the rain,
Steal but don’t let me share.

Read the illegible,
Stillness of Silence.
Decode them for me,
I’m broke, don’t make me tense.

Can you feel,
Can you hear the stillness of silence?

1 comment:

Sreyashi said...

A poem penned down beautifully...
Really thought provoking!!!!
A pen is mightier than the sword...
you truly justify that!!!
Stir the Stillness of silence with your words Nil.. keep writing...